Is Distance Learning working for your child?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my child getting an adequate experience or even any value out of virtual learning? 

  • Is my child able to pay attention  when looking at a screen for any lengthy periods of time? 

  • Are distractions within the home making it too difficult for my child to learn?

  • Can my child work at the independent level that virtual learning requires?

Other Questions to ask:

  • What types of support can I ask the district to provide? What are my child’s rights?

  • What evidence do I have of that? How do I know and what data supports this?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, please contact us today. 



Districts are working to comply with quickly-changing rules in creating both virtual and in-person instruction for all students. For some students, virtual learning models are not effective and students are unable to access their educational program. As parents, you are not trained to provide highly specialized designated instructional services either. We are offering in-home observations while following state safety guidelines.  The observations will allow our qualified team to document your student's challenges and make targeted and specific recommendations to the IEP team.


Our experienced team has K-12 and adult transition experience as our staff is credentialed and licensed in California. If you feel your student's IEP goals are being inadequately addressed or ignored with the current learning model, we offer 1:1 and small group instruction to work on your student's academic IEP goals. Services can be provided in-person or virtually. If your student needs support with social interactions, self-esteem or other non-academic challenges, we are offering virtual small-group sessions by a certificated school psychologist to help your student maintain skills during this challenging time.

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