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Do I need an Educational Advocate?

You may need an Educational Advocate if your student is experiencing any of the following:

  • Insufficient support and services

  • Issues with services associated with distance learning 

  • School failure

  • School avoidance

  • Mental health challenges negatively impacting school performance

  • Lack of follow-through from the school district

  • School refuses to assess your student

  • You suspect there are other things your student needs

  • Suspensions or expulsions


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How do I know if I need an Educational Consultant?

Educational consultants help you find a new school, therapeutic program (wilderness, residential or boarding school), or young adult program. If you are looking for a private or nonpublic school in your area, educational consultants can help. If your student has mental health challenges, seems stuck, isn’t ready to go to college or needs more support as a young adult, an educational consultant can help you find the right placement. An educational consultant visits programs nationwide and internationally so she can return with first-hand knowledge in her program recommendations.


What are the next steps for me to work with you?


The first step is to contact us to set up a consultation. At the consultation, we will review any relevant documents you bring, such as a psychological evaluation, transcripts, current IEP/504, or any other records you believe will be helpful for us to discuss. After we review the documents, we collaboratively create a plan of action to implement for your student.

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